About The Equipped

Informed. Focused. Equipped.

The Equipped is a once-a-week newsletter that provides a portion-controlled way to stay aware of world events without being consumed by them.

We are intentionally optimistic, eternally focused, and service-oriented. We want you to be informed but not consumed, focused on the True and beautiful, and equipped to serve.

We believe you were created for real-world impact, and our mission is to inspire and equip you for that work.

We invite you to dig deeper into what we aim to help you accomplish by reading The Equipped. You can also read past issues in our archives.

Thann Bennett

Thann Bennett is our founder, lead writer, and editor.

Thann has more than 20 years of high-level public policy experience, has authored two books, loves the Chicago Cubs, and spends his free time as a hobby farmer.

Thann founded The Equipped as a way to inspire and activate Jesus followers into service-orientated lives of impact.